Your hosts

In 2002 after years of working, living and travelling abroad, we decided to look for a place to settle down. It had to be in Europe and close to mountains.

In 1997 our passion for long distance mountain hikes had led us to set off on the HRP, the high mountain trail in the Pyrenees linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Still impressed by the diversity and purity of the Pyrenees, we started house hunting here and found this well situated mansion house big enough to accommodate several guest rooms and prepare delicious meals.

After years of struggling with building materials and living under dustclouds, we can now enjoy what we came here for: exploring the Pyrenees with our kids, Moira and Elias, in all seasons and in all possible ways.

As well as sharing our house, we'd love to share our enthusiasm for the Pyrenees with you.

Welcome to 'L'oreiller d'Hadrien'.
— Ronald, Anita, Elias en Moira